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Easing the Transition from Womb to World

Welcome to the world, Baby.

Your baby has just spent 9 months inside the womb, used to the sound of your heartbeat, warmth, and a comforting feeling of confinement. SleepBelt naturally mimics the womb - delivering deep pressure touch (with the unique 4-way stretch), and keeping baby properly and securely positioned over your heart. This allows them to adjust to the world outside, while you to adapt to your new role, too.

Naturally Soothing, with Many Benefits

Skin-to-Skin + Infant Fall Prevention.

SleepBelt not only helps calm your baby by keeping baby snug, right where baby is supposed to be, but skin-to-skin contact comes with many benefits for Mom, Dad and Baby. These benefits include less crying, temperature and breathing regulation, increased milk production, bonding, and reduced post-partum depression. It's simply magic.

SleepBelt vs. Wraps, Carriers, Slings and Babywearing Shirts

What's the difference, you ask?

SleepBelt is made of unique, 4-way stretch material, while all weight bearing products contain stiffness in order to bear weight. Think of it as a soft, elastic hug for your baby.

There is no strain on your neck, back or shoulders, and there's no knot to dig in.

It's easy to use, on and off in seconds, unisex and adjustable.

Oh - and did we mention we're the exclusive skin-to-skin product of La Leche League International?

That's right. It's expert recommended. SleepBelt's sister product, Joeyband, is currently used in over 100 hospitals across North America.