Uses, Benefits & Image Gallery


    Your SleepBelt has uses and benefits from the day your baby is born, to well beyond.  We've listed some of our favourites here:

    • Hands free skin-to-skin (yes, this one is obvious... but it's the most important!).
    • Preventing infant falls 
    • Nap wrap for baby; they can sleep securely while their head and hands can remain free and mobile (thumb sucker, anyone?)
    • Easy transfer from chest to crib
    • Offers comfort to babies suffering from colic/reflux
    • Snug & secure, just like the womb - helps soothe baby easily (a lifesaver in the early days)
    • Cuddles baby to you, allowing mom & dad to eat a meal together (no "taking turns"!).  Note: Nothing hot over baby!!!
    • Hands free breastfeeding (support the head until baby has neck control)
    • Secure your breast pump to your chest with SleepBelt... more hands free help!
    • Additional support when bottle feeding - allows you to feed with one hand
    • Fasten a heating pad/hot water bottle to your abdomen when dealing with labour after pains & cramping
    • Keep a heating pad on your back to alleviate back pain (carrying babies all day is hard work!)
    • Easy air travel - keeps baby in the proper position for take off & landing
    • Snuggle baby while cuddling your older children... great for story time, colouring & games!
    • Twin snuggles!  if you can get two babies on your chest, SleepBelt will hold them
    • As baby gets older, use your SleepBelt to secure him/her forward-facing on your lap - Baby MUST have full neck/head control
    • When baby can sit up on her own, you can use it to keep her secure - any chair becomes an ad hoc high chair (do not leave baby unattended)
    • Added support for baby in a grocery cart... when they can't quite sit unsupported, wrap your sleep belt around baby's torso and the seat back to help!
    • Prevent dangling legs by wrapping a SleepBelt around baby's lower half when in a carrier that doesn't support his/her hips - it will help keep baby in a healthy position
    • Provides additional support with a traditional wrap

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