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NOTE: SleepBelt is not a weight-bearing product, so there is no weight limit, per se - your baby will outgrow SleepBelt developmentally before they outgrow it physically.  Around the 4-month mark, they will begin to notice their surroundings and may not sleep on your chest as often; at this point, you may begin use your SleepBelt for different applications.  Visit our "Uses and Benefits" page for ideas and inspiration. 


  1. Wrap the SleepBelt snugly around your waist, securing the Velcro panels on your backside
  2. With baby resting on your chest (ear over your heart), slide the SleepBelt up your torso, stretching it gently over baby; the SleepBelt should hug the baby's bottom and torso so that the baby cannot slip through the SleepBelt; ensure that the baby's head remains uncovered
  3. To remove baby for transfer to crib, simply stretch and slide the SleepBelt down your waist and off of the baby entirely, supporting the baby at all time to prevent falling


  • Make sure that you chose the appropriate size of SleepBelt for your body - you want it snug!
  • Be alert and aware when wearing your baby; falling asleep while wearing your baby increases risk of smothering, suffocation and injury
  • For use when seated or reclined only
  • Check on the baby often; ensure that you can always see the baby’s face and that the baby is getting a good supply of air, by making particularly sure that the baby’s face is not pressed against the SleepBelt, your body or clothing
  • Ensure your baby can breathe correctly by checking that the chin is not resting on the chest and that the legs are not folded against the stomach
  • Do not enclose the baby while in the SleepBelt within your zipped-up coat as this could lead to suffocation
  • If using the SleepBelt while breastfeeding, ensure that baby’s nose is not blocked
  • Use caution, care and common sense when your baby is in the SleepBelt – do not drink hot liquids over their head, or drop heavy objects on them
  • Always check your SleepBelt before using it; check the seams, look for holes due to wear and discontinue use if anything has the potential to harm your baby
  • Demonstrate care when wearing delicate or knit clothing
  • Ensure Velcro does not rub up against the baby; this may cause irritation

To Wash: machine wash cold, tumble dry low (bind Velcro to prevent snagging).
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