joeyband by SleepBelt in the NICU

Why joeyband by SleepBelt in the NICU?
It's Gentle.  Soft and stretchy, it's been used on micro-preemies.
It's EASY.  New parents have enough on their plate - joeyband by SleepBelt is simple and intuitive to use.
Comfort. No strain on your neck, back or shoulders, and no knots, clips or buckles digging into your back or sides... Important for extended Kangaroo Care sessions.
It helps keep baby positioned securely, especially important for intubated babes.
It's breathable.  NICU's are warm; joeyband by SleepBelt's breathable fabric and less-cumbersome design helps parents keep their cool.
It's appropriate for twins.
Unisex.  joeyband by SleepBelt is great for dads too.
How to use:
  1. Assist mother/partner to attach joeyband by SleepBelt snugly around his/her waist with Velcro secured smoothly at the front.
  2. Turn joeyband by SleepBelt so the Velcro is at the side or back of the mother/partner, away from where baby will be held.
  3. Have the mother/partner sit in a stable, lockable, reclining chair.
  4. Nurse will prepare infant for skin-to-skin, and will ensure that IV tubing, ECG leads etc. will not get caught and are able to reach to mother/partner’s chest for skin-to-skin holding.
  5. Nurse will place infant upright on mother/partner’s chest.
  6. Secure respiratory support as needed. Arrange infant’s arms and legs in a developmentally appropriate position. Support infant at all times.
  7. Assist mother/partner to pull joeyband by SleepBelt up and over infant to secure baby in place upright on mother’s chest.
  8. Ensure baby’s face and head are visible and baby is in ‘sniffing position’ at all times to ensure an open airway.
  9. The nurse should be available nearby or by call bell to assist the parents and /or infant if required.
  10. If medical interventions are required and it is necessary to interrupt skin-to-skin, stretch joeyband by SleepBelt and lower as needed to allow for removal of infant. Support infant at all times.
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